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The grave marker is situated about 6 metres south of the road guttering on Crooke Street, opposite number 43. It consists of an upright, pedimented concrete slab about 1 metre high by 1.5 metres wide, that incorporates two square tablets with trimmed corners, made from earlier headstones. These tablets have the same inscription: "In memory of Eliza Anne Archer who died on the 23rd Oct 1847, Sown in weakness to be raised in power". The left-hand tablet is a hand-engraved sandstone block, probably from the original grave. The right-hand tablet is machine-engraved, on white marble with grey veining. A rose bush is growing beside the monument. The origins of this tablet are not known. The precise location of the original burial is not known, with the subsequent urban development.


Eliza Archer's monument is situated on a road reserve in an urban, residential environment in Crook Street, Bairnsdale. Its position on the southern nature strip overlooks the flood plain of the Mitchell River to the south. The original grave position is believed to have been in a house block a few hundred metres to the west.


Physical Conditions: Good



Eliza Archer was wed in 1845 to a retired sea Captain, John Archer. On retiring from a life at sea he had accepted the job as manager of Lucknow Station. Archer brought his young wife to Lucknow Station, but soon after arrival, she died in childbirth. Mrs Archer was buried on the station. Another grave near Eliza's is believed to be that of a cook on the station. The monument is not on the original burial position, several house blocks to the west, and has been moved down the street as houses have been built. The monument is now on the footpath opposite 43 Crooke St.
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