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'The Island' Diversion Cutting /nThe cutting has left a small island in a bend of the Yarra River. Subsequent flooding has widened the original canal or cutting dug by the Yarra Yarra Mining Company, the canal is now the main river course and the original river is a willow-choked backwater of the Island.


Heritage Inventory Significance:/nSite to be protected and nominated to Local Planning Scheme


Recorded by: David Bannear. Date Recorded: Date recorded: 1998



Contextual History:History of Place:
Heritage Inventory History of Site:
In December 1859 Clarke & Brown commenced operations at Thompson’s Creek, on the Yarra. They employed about 25 men to cut a canal to divert the river. The canal was designed to have a top width of 50 feet, a depth of 12 feet, a bottom width of 14 feet. The company formed for the venture was called the Yarra Yarra Mining Company. By April of the following year, the company had completed the erection of a steam engine of about 8-hp to operate pumping machinery, drive a Start’s patented puddling machine, and operate a haulage plant. The latter was designed to draw washing stuff from the bottom of the river, up an inclined tramway, to a height of about 30 feet above the riverbed into the puddling machine. The company appears to have mined with limited success, and in June 1860 they had suspended operations. With more powerful plant, two steam engines, the company recommenced work in November 1860. The company was no more successful the second time, and was defunct by October 1861. For the next few years, until the mid 1860s, various sections of the company's ground were worked by small parties. These small parties obtained some 'excellent results'.
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