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291 SWAN STREET,, RICHMOND VIC 3121 - Property No 190885

Heritage Overlay Number


This place/object may also be State heritage listed. Check with the Victorian Heritage Database. For further details, contact the local council or go to Planning Schemes Online.

Level of Significance

Individually Significant

Date Range

1888 -


not assessed

Statement of Significance

The following wording is from the Allom and Lovell Building Citation, 1998 for the property. Please note that this is a "Building Citation", not a "Statement of Significance". For further information refer to the Building Citation held by the City of Yarra. History: The hotel on the north-west corner of Swan and Coppin Streets was originally known as the Family Hotel. In 1887, Laurence Cremean ran a timber yard and an ironmongery to the ... more


The former Central Club Hotel is a rendered masonry three-storey building situated on the corner of Swan and Coppin Streets, designed in an ornate Italianate Boom style. The corner is angled, with the entrance to the hotel at ground floor. The facades are articulated by rendered pilasters and moulded string courses at each level. Pilasters at second floor level are fluted and have Corinthian capitals. The Swan Street fažade is divided into three bays: the central bay on the  more

Heritage Study Yarra - Richmond Conservation Study, John & Thurley O'Connor, Ros Coleman & Heather Wright, 1985; Yarra - City of Yarra Heritage Review, Allom Lovell & Associates, 1998; Yarra - City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas, Graeme Butler & Associates, 2007
Architectural Style Victorian Period (1851-1901)

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