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Lorne St


1-47 and 2-54 LORNE STREET, 81-95 and 80-104 MARIBYRNONG ROAD and 254-56 and 270-284 UNION ROAD, MOONEE PONDS

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Lorne St

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The Lorne Street precinct in Moonee Ponds is a residential area with some commercial development in Union Road, which was developed from the late nineteenth century to the late inter-war era. The housing predominantly comprises Victorian era double-fronted villas with some terrace rows, which are interspersed with Edwardian and Queen Anne revival houses, and inter-war houses in a variety of styles. The following elements ... more


This housing and commercial buildingsin this precinct reflect the distinct phases of development in the late nineteenth century and early to mid-twentieth century. Victorian-era housing predominates. There are a small number of single-fronted terraces (e.g. Nos. 10, 14-22, 26 & 46 Lorne Street, and the row of three at Nos. 91-95 Maribyrnong Road), but the Victorian housing is otherwise in the form of detached double-fronted villas, either with symmetrical or ... more

Heritage Study Moonee Valley - City of Moonee Valley Heritage Review 2004, Heritage Alliance, 2004; Moonee Valley - Essendon Conservation Study, Graeme Butler, 1985; Moonee Valley - Review of HO precincts, David Helms HPM, 2010
Year Construction Started 1880
Architectural Style Victorian Period (1851-1901); Federation/Edwardian Period (1902-c.1918)

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Hermes#: 30531

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