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Iron Road Bridge Over Leigh River


Shelford - Bannockburn Road, and Bannockburn-Rokewood Road SHELFORD, Golden Plains Shire

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HO13 , HO103

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Shelford Precinct

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National Estate Register: The iron bridge at Shelford is one of a small number of wrought iron box girder bridges which survive in Victoria. The structure is notable for inherent constructional and technological features in the design and as an example of the work of C A C Wilson, an important figure in the history of bridge building in Victoria. Wilson practised his profession for an incredible sixty four years (1846-1910) and was responsible for many ... more


National Estate Register: The iron bridge over the Leigh River at Shelford was erected in 1873-74 by the Shire of Leigh, replacing an earlier timber structure of 1851. The structure, which consists of two continuous hollow wrought iron girders over three spans and supported on iron rollers attached to bluestone piers and abutments, was designed by Shire Engineer, C A C Wilson, and was fabricated in situ from components cast by Ballarat founder, John ... more

Heritage Study Golden Plains - Golden Plains Shire Heritage Study Phase 1, Lorraine Huddle P/L, 2003

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